Marketing Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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You have 20 seconds to impress the employer for your application to be considered that is why you need to structure your marketing assistant cover letter perfectly. A great letter will have a big impact to the reader.

Writing Cover Letter Marketing Assistant

marketing assistant cover letterContent: Before you type in your computer, you need to make a research about the company so that you know exactly what the company is. Most companies outline what the role entails, experiences and personal qualities they are looking for and ensure that you show them or meet all of it before applying. To present a good content, the letter must have three parts: the introduction, the body and the closing section.

Beginning the cover letter

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    Dear Mr. Smith: If you know the name of the individual who will review your letter, bold the text

  • Dear Mr. Chambers: Use this when you are not sure of the marital status of female recipient
  • Dear Madam/Sir: Use this when you entirely do not know what is the name of the person whom you are writing

Opening paragraph

The opening letter must be hard hitting and short. Start it with attention grabbing sentence so that the reviewer will continue reading your paper.

Example of opening paragraphs: In response to advertised position in Parent on July 15th, please consider my application in your search for marketing assistant.

Second paragraph

Present information why should employer hire you. Describe your academic qualifications and professional qualifications briefly that essential to the position you are applying.

Third paragraph

Provide details what you can do for the organization. You should outline relevant career goal for marketing assistant position. You need to expand on important points.

Fourth paragraph

Indicate your desire in getting personal interview.

Closing the letter

Finish the letter with “yours sincerely”. Write enclosure line at the bottom.


Your address should appear on the right corner at the top of the paper, skip a line and write the date. The recipient address must be written on left side.

If you do not know what cover letter is, you can research on marketing assistant cover letter sample online or cover letter for summer job.

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