Early Childhood Education Cover Letter Example

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The early childhood education cover letter is an important document for your job application that is why it should be written perfectly and will highlight important information that is not included in your resume. The cover letter must not repeat information or phrases in your resume.

Early Childhood Education Cover Letter Important Aspects

About 1 inch margin on the top and bottom of the paper

Your Street Address

City, State, Zip

Skip two to three lines


Skip two to three lines

Ms. / Mr. /Dr. First Name and Last Name

Job title

School District Name

School District Address

City, State, Zip

Skip one line

Dear Mr. (or other title) Garcia

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Opening: With this, you need to mention the position you’re applying and how did you found out about it whether through advertisement, research or referral. You need to include brief statement about your interest. In your first sentence, it must be attention grabbing. You should introduce your theme that you will introduce in your second paragraph.

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Second paragraph: This is a critical paragraph because you need to provide concrete example, how much, showing when and others. What you need to do is to convince the employer that you can able to perform all the tasks that are provided. At the end of the paragraph, you should refer to enclosed resume for the employer to find out supporting evidence about your candidacy.

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Third paragraph: In the first paragraph, you create interest. In the second paragraph, you should state the benefits and in the third paragraph, present action to occur. You should tell what the next step is, what action you hope that the employer will take and what action you are planning to take. End your cover letter with “cordially” or “sincerely”.

Skip one line


Skip to four to five lines

Typed your name with signature

early childhood education cover letter early childhood education cover letter

More samples

There are lots of early childhood education cover letter examples on the internet and this page provides important elements as well as a sample that can help you in writing a good cover letter. You should follow it correctly to submit a high quality of cover letter and even use it for cover letter for nursing job ideas.

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